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The History Center  800 N. Main St. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

​A fee will be charged for research time over one hour.There is also a fee for copies of photographs.

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The Glen Ellyn Center for Historical Research is maintained by the Archives Committee of the Glen Ellyn Historical Society at 800 N. Main Street in Glen Ellyn for the benefit of those who are interested in studying the history of our Village. Visitors will find a variety of materials telling the story of Glen Ellyn and its development, including photos, real estate records, books, and box collections of memorabilia, to name a few. Village residents can research early Glen Ellyn families and surnames. Students and researchers may find a wide range of topics such as suburban community studies, local government development and family life.

The archival collections give primary emphasis to local Glen Ellyn history, but also include material on neighboring communities, DuPage County and the Chicagoland area history.

Glen Ellyn Center for Historical Research

The Glen Ellyn Historical Society has adopted the following criteria for the recognition and plaquing of historically and/or architecturally significant structures in Glen Ellyn. The word “structure” refers to various types of buildings, e.g., houses, churches, stores and schools.  If you think your house is 80 years old, it may qualify for a plaque from the Glen Ellyn Historical Society.  Call 630–469-1867 or email for more information on fees and how to proceed.

Please be aware that the Historical Society's plaquing program is commemorative. While a plaque honors a Glen Ellyn home/structure, the plaque does not carry any protections for the property. 

For a list of homes in Glen Ellyn that have received plaques from the Historical Society, click here to download the brochure (last updated October 2020): 

​​The Village of Glen Ellyn offers a landmarking process for buildings of historical and/or architectural significance to the Village. For more information, visit the Historical Preservation Commission's website:

It is not uncommon to begin the landmarking process for the Village with the Historical Society's plaquing process, which presents homeowners with extensive background on their home. 

The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA) administers all state and federal historic preservation and incentive programs in Illinois, including the National Register of Historic Places. Their website:​​​

The Historical Society has an INDUS Book Scanner 9000 that can scan books up to 18 inches by 28 inches when open. The scanner has an optical resolution of 400 dpi and a high scan speed. You can scan directly to a USB thumb drive, an SD card, or print or disk. 

User Fees for Large Scanner: Members of the general public or GEHS members may use the scanning facility for limited or long term projects. User fees are based on the type and scope of the scanning project and begin at the $20 level. Fees for larger and on-going projects are based on a membership in the Glen Digi Center (GDC). Fees and annual dues (calendar year) may apply. For more information about the scanner, visit the INDUS website at:

Since the flood in March 2019, we have not been able to make scanner services available to the public, especially with the pandemic. For more info, call 630-469-1867 or email

*Individual search/reference assistance
*Referral to and networking with other local history sources
*Access to archival collections, photo processing, computer research assistance

*For­est Hill Ceme­tery history and inter­ment records for early Glen Ellyn families
*Extensive local history pho­to­graphic collection
*Early bound vol­umes of the Glen Ellyn News newspaper
*Year­books from Glen­bard West High School and Glen­bard South High School
*Early DuPage County Atlases
*Glen Ellyn phone books begin­ning in the 1920s
*Local com­mu­nity his­tory Reference Library books
*Real estate records
*Obit­u­ary file Collection
*Categorical Ver­ti­cal files – Schools, Persons, Events, etc.
*Map col­lec­tion

*Box col­lec­tions
*Historic Chicago Newspapers on microfilm
*Local Oral Histories Collection
*Audio-Video Historical Records
*Village Government Historic Ledgers
*Historic Plaqued Homes Records
*Historic Post Cards collection
*Multiple Listing Real Estate Records (MLS)

The Glen Ellyn Center for Historical Research is located in the Glen Ellyn History Center at 800 N. Main St., Glen Ellyn, Illinois. The History Center is just south of Stacy’s Tavern Museum. Ample free parking is available.

While many of our services are available, the Archives has not yet re-opened from our March 2019 flood. So members of Archives are not available for regular weekly hours. Please call 630-469-1867 if you have questions, or email We do hope that regular hours will resume after the pandemic.


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