Glen Ellyn

Historical Society


The History Center  800 N. Main St. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Rental Information for the History Center Multi-Purpose Room at 800 N. Main St. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137


Rates vary according to the type of group and time of day desired.

For use of the multipurpose room, the Anderson Room:

For evening and weekend rentals:

For members of the Historical Society for private events (birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, showers, etc.): $40/hr

For members of Glen Ellyn Civic/Service/Non-Profit Organizations, and for GEHS members for group events: $50/hr

All other individuals/organizations/businesses: $65/hr

For rentals from Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (our regular operating hours):

For members of the Historical Society for private events (birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, showers, etc.): $25/hr

For members of Glen Ellyn Civic/Service/Non-Profit Organizations, and for GEHS members for group events: $35/hr

All other individuals/organizations/businesses: $50/hr

(For evening and weekend rentals, outside of our regular operating hours, there is an additional charge of $15 per hour.)

Rental price includes use of rectangular tables (8 feet long) and chairs.

Use of our overhead projector: additional $25. No charge for screen.

Coffee pot and pot for hot water are also available. There is a charge of 50 cents per person, minimum charge of $15 per event. This includes a pot of caffeinated coffee (decaf upon request) and a pot of hot water, with a box of assorted teas for your guests to select from, as well as creamer, sweetener and cups. (Hot chocolate available upon request.) 

Our room is arranged in a standard face-forward auditorium (theater) style, with a podium and screen (for projector) at the front. If you would like a different format of seating, there is an additional charge of $25 - $50 depending on the type of setup desired. Or you can set the room yourself as you like it, and reset it (as you found it) after your event concludes, at no additional charge. A standard wired microphone is available at the podium. Please include its use in your request; no additional charge.

Minimum rental time: two hours.

Please reserve for the entire length of time you need. For instance, you might reserve for three hours if you want to offer a two hour program. That will give you time for set up and clean up.

Renters are expected to set up the room, clean up the room and take all trash out. Any spills should be cleaned up. If the rest rooms have received a lot of use during the event, they should also be checked during the clean up process. There is a trash bin and a recycling bin behind the History Center. Trash bags are under the kitchen sink. We highly encourage that bottles and cans are recycled, and have recycling bins in the History Center that guests can use. Use of styrofoam is discouraged. For large events, an additional cleaning fee may be assessed of $50 - $150, depending on the type of event and number of people attending. 

For renters to serve alcohol, in any form, including wine and/or beer, at a public event, you must have a special event policy from your insurance company that names the Glen Ellyn Historical Society and the Village of Glen Ellyn as additional insured. We must have a copy of that insurance policy and/or appropriate licenses on file prior to your event. You are required to get any special event permits/licenses the Village of Glen Ellyn and the State of Illinois require, and to meet all additional requirements under the law, as well as having certified BASSET servers.

We have a small kitchenette that is available to renters at no additional charge. This includes a refrigerator, sink, garbage disposal, and microwave, as well as limited counter space.

No confetti or glitter is allowed, either in the History Center or on its grounds.

We are a styrofoam-free zone. Please do not bring any styrofoam cups or plates to use at your event.

There is a parking lot at the History  Center. Additional parking evenings and weekends is often available behind Stacy's Tavern Museum, by Forest Glen Elementary School, at the District 41 Administration Offices across the street, and on surrounding residential streets.

For more information, or to check on desired dates, contact or phone 630-469-1867 and ask for the director. Thanks for your interest!

Rentals under Phase 4

Late October 2020 -- Right now, we are not holding rentals given the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in DuPage County. We will consider resuming rentals in 2021 once the County gets healthier!

Groups will be limited to a total capacity of 25 or 50 people, depending on County guidelines, including the speaker/presenter.

Chairs will be socially distanced in theater-style, facing forward toward the screen/podium, and masks will be required of everyone attending. (No mask = no entry.) Because of the social distancing of chairs, some room formations may not be available.

Groups will need to have someone at the front door to count people as they come in, to ensure that room capacity is not exceeded. (Once the 25 or 50 person capacity is reached, anyone else will have to be turned away. Sorry! We strongly recommend groups take advance reservations so no one is disappointed.)

Refreshments will need to be individually packaged, and come from a commercial kitchen. No home-baked goods are allowed.

(For instance, you can't have a bowl of potato chips. But you can have individual bags of chips. You can't have a tray of cookies, but you can have one or two cookies in individual plastic bags. Cakes and pies would also have to be sliced and packaged individually in closed containers before serving. Stores like Costco can be good resources for individually packaged snacks.)

We will have coffee and tea service available at their usual fee. Groups should have someone available as guests arrive to serve them their tea/coffee. Tea bags, sweeteners and creamers are individually packaged. (No open creamers or plates of lemons.) A new paper cup must be used for each pour -- a refill means a new cup!

Please let us know what other questions you have and we will update this information as we learn more! Thanks!