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                           Statement of Support for Realtors Selling Historic Glen Ellyn Structures

Glen Ellyn is filled with historic homes, buildings and landscapes. These structures help to illuminate Glen Ellyn’s past and share the story of our community. Given our commitment to celebrating history, the Glen Ellyn Historical Society wants to support the work of realtors in conveying the care of these structures to new owners, new caretakers. To that end, we welcome realtors placing notices of historical and/or architecturally significant Glen Ellyn homes and buildings for sale in our lobby. When space is available, we will also post them on our public bulletin board.

Community-wide open houses, that invite the entire community, are often helpful ways for local residents to see these buildings and help share news of their availability. When requested, we are happy to share announcements of community-wide open houses for historical and/or architecturally significant structures in Glen Ellyn on the Historical Society’s Facebook page and bulletin board. We also encourage realtors to contact the Village of Glen Ellyn’s Historic Preservation Commission and notify them of the availability of a property.

We appreciate the commitment of realtors to preserving the history of Glen Ellyn as we work together to shape its future.

Approved by the Board of Directors, Glen Ellyn Historical Society
June 21, 2016

Link to The Village of Glen Ellyn's Historic Preservation Commission