While the gift shop, multi-purpose room and Stacy's Tavern Museum are now open, Archives and Artifacts will remain closed until spring 2020. Please see below.

February 2020 Update

Progress continues to be made at the History Center as we recover from our March 2019 flood. The Glen Ellyn History Center, Stacy's Corners Store, and Stacy's Tavern Museum have all re-opened and resumed their normal schedules. Rentals are available now as they have been in the past. Behind the scenes, however, is another story. We are still unpacking and organizing our Archives and Artifacts departments. They remain closed. We are still trying to catch up from the flood, and will be during the months to come. So we are not back to normal yet, and will not be for a while. But progress continues, and we are grateful to all of you for your understanding, patience and support.

Glen Ellyn

Historical Society

July 2, 2019 Update

​The History Center will be closed throughout the month of July. Our phones are still down, so please contact us by email if needed: director@gehs.org. We expect the multipurpose room to be operational for rentals and events by September. We are not sure yet about August -- whether or not we will need to relocate our scheduled events -- so please check back. No rentals will be scheduled until September, to be on the safe side. Stacy's Tavern Museum and Stacy's Corners Store will be closed throughout August. July events have been relocated to the Community Room at the Glen Ellyn Police Station. 

We are making progress, but it is much slower than we ever anticipated. So please be patient with us -- we are doing the best we can! While insurance will help cover some of what was lost, it will not cover everything. Donations are accepted and appreciated to help with the additional costs. Questions? Just send an email to Karen Hall at director@gehs.org. Thanks!

The Flooding in March 2019


The History Center  800 N. Main St. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

What happened: THE STORY!

Early on Friday morning, March 22, 2019, the Glen Ellyn Police Department received an alarm from the security system at the Glen Ellyn History Center. Upon investigating, they found that a four-inch pipe from the fire suppression system had burst and water was gushing into the History Center.

This old IGA store has a basement, which served like a funnel to collect water -- at first. With over 8 feet of water in the basement, the basement was a total loss. While it housed items like books for our store, holiday decorations, special event items, serving and kitchen items, we were fortunate that it did not hold any historic artifacts or documents. 

The water quickly spread to literally every inch of the History Center, with at least 2" - 3" of standing water -- and mud -- throughout the entire building.

Cleanup continues. Many thanks to the Village of Glen Ellyn, the Glen Ellyn Volunteer Fire Company, the Glen Ellyn Police Department and to everyone who has come forward to offer assistance. We have been truly touched by everyone's generous support.

You will see ServPro trucks and staff there throughout the week. We have not been fully able to assess the damage yet, as water has gone into the walls, electrical boxes are shut down, etc. In other words, it's a mess! But we are grateful to ServPro who is doing a wonderful job.

The building will be closed for at least two weeks. All rentals scheduled for the next two weeks have been cancelled. Our program on Emmett Till originally scheduled for March 30th has been rescheduled for August 24th.

In the meantime, if you would like to contribute to the cleanup and recovery efforts, a donation may be made through PayPal by clicking above, or mailing a check to GEHS, 800 N. Main St. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137. (Insurance only covers so much....)

Thanks for your patience, understanding and support as we move forward.

Karen Hall, Executive Director

Updated 3-25-2019


Here's an update on what's been happening at the History Center.

First, our program by Mike Small on Emmett Till for this Saturday has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 24 at 2 p.m.

The grand opening of the Civic Center jail exhibit scheduled for early April has been postponed, with a new date to be set later.

The History Center, Stacy's Corners Store, and Stacy's Tavern Museum will be closed indefinitely. We will let you know when they re-open.

Right now, we expect the History Center to be closed at least the entire month of April. All April rentals and programs have to be cancelled or relocated. We are unsure yet about May -- it is too early to tell.

The good news: most of our historic documents and artifacts related to the history of Glen Ellyn have been saved. We are now trying to save as many as possible of those that have been damaged.

Electricity was turned on in the building this morning.

ServPro has finished with the initial stabilization of the building. All walls have been opened up to allow them to dry. The insulation in the lower walls has been removed. All carpeting has been removed.

We still do not have phone or internet service at the History Center, so it will take us longer to respond to your calls and emails than usual. Our focus has really been on saving Glen Ellyn's history -- that remains our top priority.

The outpouring of support from the community has been very moving, and I hope you know how much it has touched us.

Much gratitude for everything -- and we really mean that! We will keep you posted.

Karen Hall, Executive Director


Here's another update. 

Saturday morning's Coffee with the Cops has been relocated to the Glen Ellyn Police Station at 65 S. Park Blvd.

The grand opening of our jail exhibit scheduled for Saturday, April 6th has been postponed indefinitely. It will happen, but not anytime soon!

Aunt Tillie, scheduled for this Tuesday, April 9th, has been cancelled. Aunt Tillie's May gathering on Tuesday, May 14th will likely be held at the Glen Ellyn Public Library. Please note that this Tuesday, the Glen Ellyn Public Library will have Toddler Tales at 10:30 a.m. and Preschool Pages at 9:30 a.m.

We still expect the History Center to be closed at least the entire month of April. We are unsure yet about May. But if you have an event planned for the History Center in May, we urge you to find an alternate location.

We will be hosting the Vintage AutoFest on Saturday, June 1 even if the building is not yet finished.

We have electricity now but still do not have phone or internet service at the History Center, so it will take us longer to respond to your calls and emails than usual. Our offices are not functional yet.

If you would like to make a donation to our recovery efforts, you can click the link above to make a donation online, or mail a check to GEHS at 800 N. Main St. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.

The support of this community has been heart-warming, and we are truly grateful for your continued understanding and patience as we move forward. (I am tempted to say "wade forward" but at least all the water is gone now. Amazing the things you become grateful for...like not needing to wear rain boots to work anymore!)

With much appreciation and gratitude,

Karen Hall, Executive Director


Another Update!

Right now, we expect the History Center and Stacy's Tavern Museum to be closed for all of April and likely all of May as well. We are not certain yet if we will be able to re-open parts of the building in June.  All renters are encouraged to find new locations. We will hold the Vintage AutoFest on Saturday, June 1, as most of that event is outdoors. We will have the GEHS annual bake sale that day as well, and Heavenly Hot Dogs will be on hand.

Our May events -- Aunt Tillie and the book discussion group -- will be meeting as scheduled except at the Glen Ellyn Public Library. The Sheldon Peck documentary will be held at 7 p.m. on April 30th at the Glen Ellyn Police Station. All of these events are free, and we hope you will join us!

Many thanks for your continued patience and support!

​Karen Hall, Executive Director​

You are welcome to share our photos -- media included. We have more on our Facebook page. (Our website software distorts some of the photos. Sorry!) Please contact us if you need a high resolution photo.