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​​Cash/Check/Credit Card:

Cash/check is the easiest way to contribute to the Historical Society and will qualify for the maximum allowable tax deduction. It also means that the Historical Society pays the fewest fees in receiving it. Credit cards may also be used, and are a way many people like to earn points/miles at the same time they support the Historical Society.

Donations may be mailed to the Glen Ellyn Historical Society at 800 N. Main St. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137. Or you may come to our gift shop, Stacy's Corners Store, Tuesday thru Saturday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. to make a donation in person and/or use a credit card. You can also call us at 630-469-1867 to use your credit card, or simply make a donation online using the above link. If you prefer to use PayPal, simply send your gift to

Please note that our mailing address is The History Center at 800 N. Main St. We also have a mailbox outside our front door. The Post Office does not deliver mail to Stacy's Tavern Museum.

To Make a Donation in Memory or Honor of Someone:

Donations made in memory or honor of someone may be mailed to GEHS at 800 N. Main St. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137. You may also donate online using the button below. Please add a note to the donation specifying who are are honoring with your gift, or send an email to with this information. (Please note that sometimes PayPal doesn't offer a space for this information, so then call us with the name of the person at 630-469-1867 or email It is our practice to send a notice of a memorial donation to the family of the person who passed away, or to the honoree if the donation is made in honor of a person or special occasion. Please use this button for donations in honor or memory of someone. 

If you would like to have contribution envelopes at a special event, such as a funeral or memorial service, to make it easier for donations (in lieu of flowers, for example), contact the GEHS director who will make arrangements. ( or 630-469-1867).

Endowment Funds:

The Historical Society maintains two endowment funds, one with DuPage Foundation and a second with WinTrust. Both of these funds have been established so that the funds' income may benefit the Historical Society, within their existing spending policies, but the principal remains untouched to help ensure the organization's longevity and provide it with financial security. Please contact the director if you would like to learn more about these funds, or you can specify "Endowment Fund" on your donation to GEHS.

Marketable or Closely Held Securities:

Appreciated stocks and bonds may be given to the Historical Society, allowing donors to deduct their current market value as a charitable contribution and avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Real Estate:

Real estate may be given to the Historical Society at its current market value allowing the donor to receive a full charitable deduction and avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Life Insurance:

Life insurance can be used to create a major gift for the Historical Society in one of two ways.  First, the donor can transfer ownership of a policy to the Historical Society and receive a current income tax deduction in the year the transfer is made. Second, the donor, while retaining ownership of the policy, can name the Historical Society as beneficiary of the policy. Please note that GEHS should be named as the beneficiary of your policy within the policy. Simply designating GEHS as the beneficiary in your will/trust is not sufficient, unfortunately. Insurance policies are disposed of according to the written terms of your policy.

Retirement Plans:

Donors can use an IRA or other retirement assets such as a 401(k), Keogh, or 403(b) to establish a new fund or contribute to an existing fund.


Bequests to the Historical Society allow a donor's charitable intentions to be carried out in perpetuity and can significantly reduce the estate taxes otherwise payable upon his or her death. This ensures that the donor provides a lasting legacy for the causes about which he or she cares most.

Transfer from an Existing Private Foundation:

Administering a private foundation under IRS rules can be burdensome and expensive. Transferring the assets into a donor-advised fund at The DuPage Foundation for the benefit of the Glen Ellyn Historical Society provides a cost-effective alternative for administering these funds well into the future. 

Retain Income from a Charitable Gift:

There are many ways a donor can make a charitable gift and still receive income for life or for a specific period of time.  Through these methods, donors can retain income for themselves and their spouses while obtaining deductions on current income, estate and gift taxes.  

Charitable Remainder Trusts:

This type of deferred gift can be created for the Historical Society through the DuPage Foundation so that the donor or other beneficiary receives a lifetime income.  At the death of the income beneficiary, the remainder of the trust passes to the Historical Society to accomplish the charitable purposes specified by the donor.

Charitable Gift Annuities:

The DuPage Foundation offers competitive yields to individuals who make current gifts to the Historical Society but retain for themselves lifetime income. A portion of these gifts may be tax-deductible, and income is guaranteed.

Charitable Lead Trusts:

Provide income to the Glen Ellyn Historical Society's fund at the DuPage Foundation for a set number of years for such charitable purposes as the donor has specified. Then, at the end of that period, the remaining principal of the trust and any accumulated appreciation is distributed to children, grandchildren or other named beneficiaries, often with significant tax savings.

If you are interested in viewing a copy of the organization's IRS Form 990, please contact the executive director through email at or phone 630-469-1867. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider support of GEHS!


Thanks for your interest in giving to the Glen Ellyn Historical Society!

As a 501(c)(3) organization, we depend on the support and generosity of our members and donors.

There are many ways to contribute. You can become a member, donate during our annual giving drive each fall, make a donation any time of the year, or consider a larger gift. We offer donors a variety of tax-effective ways to make gifts and achieve your charitable goals, whether it is with a one-time gift, an annual contribution, a donation in your will/trust, a contribution to our endowment fund, or a gift of other property. We are happy to talk with you about what you are considering. The DuPage Foundation administers many of our larger gifts, such as contributions to our endowment fund.


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